Dr. Chamot’s research has focused on the learning processes of second and foreign language learners, in particular on students’ language learning strategies and teachers’ approaches to teaching learning strategies in both ESL and foreign language classrooms.

Highlights of her research include:

  • Descriptive studies of the strategies learners use for various language tasks (listening, reading, speaking, writing, vocabulary). Students from grades 1-12 as well as college students have been studied through focus group interviews, individual think-aloud interviews, questionnaires, and stimulated recall interviews.
  • Classroom intervention studies in which students were given explicit learning strategy instruction using a quasi-experimental design.
  • Several studies of language teachers’ design and implementation of strategies-based instruction in high school and college foreign language classrooms.
  • A longitudinal study of children in elementary foreign language immersion programs (French, Spanish, Japanese) that documented the development of their learning strategies from grades 1 through 6.
  • A study of literacy development of low-literacy Spanish-speaking immigrant high school students. Teacher-researchers collaborated to design a strategies-based literacy curriculum and classroom observations were conducted of their implementations of the curriculum. Students were interviewed individually and also completed reading think-aloud tasks.
  • A study of language (ESL and FL) teacher candidates’ perceptions of their university preparation to teach language learning strategies.